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Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement

Terms of Engagement between Simple Coach Hire Ltd ( and Primary Customer Services provided
by Simple Coach Hire Ltd include:
a) Initial assessment of your travel needs and requirements.
b) Booking and arrangement of vehicle and driver, including collection and drop-off details.
Simple Coach Hire Ltd (referred to as “SCH”) is a specialist broker service provider that assists in finding the perfect vehicle for
your travel needs. We have transparent pricing without any hidden charges. You will only pay the quoted amount. In some
cases, a partial upfront payment may be required, with the remaining balance payable to the driver or as a full payment before
your travel date. Payment is due in advance, and failure to pay within 14 days prior to your travel date will result in the
booking not being confirmed.

  • The following terms apply to SCH and its associates.
  • The customer named on our booking form is considered the primary customer responsible for the booking on behalf of
    themselves or the entire traveling party. The customer assumes complete responsibility, including fees and any
    cancellations due to SCH. If the booking is made on behalf of a company, the full responsibility lies with the company.
    SCH acts as a broker and has a wide range of private drivers and vehicles, including cars, minibuses, and coaches. The
    allocated vehicle for your reservation may be subject to availability, and an alternative will be provided if necessary. If SCH
    cannot fulfill the reservation, a full refund will be offered, and no further liability or compensation can be pursued against SCH
    or the driver. SCH will make every effort to minimize disruptions to your plans by providing alternative transportation.
    In the event of the vehicle requiring cleaning due to travel sickness or untidy use, a £75 cleaning charge will be applicable
    and payable to the driver.
    Delays caused by traffic or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may occur. We strive to pick up and drop off
    passengers in a timely manner. If the driver and vehicle experience delays due to breakdown or accidents, we will endeavor
    to provide a replacement driver/vehicle. However, we cannot be held liable for such situations.
    Additional charges will apply if the customer requests to extend the vehicle usage beyond the original booking. These
    charges will be determined by the driver and must be paid in cash or by debit card.
    A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required upon booking. The remaining balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to the travel
    date. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the deposit and cancellation of the booking.
    Smoking and the use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited in our vehicles. Any violation will result in
    immediate termination of the hire without refund.
    Passengers exceeding the maximum capacity set by regulations are not permitted to travel in the vehicle. This is to ensure
    the safety of all passengers and other road users.
    Drivers may experience delays during the journey. They will choose the most suitable route, which may not always be
    the fastest or shortest.
    SCH cannot be held liable for any loss of personal belongings or luggage. If any belongings are lost or forgotten, please
    inform the driver.
    In the event of vandalism or damage caused by the customer or any individual under their care, an immediate charge will
    be invoiced for the repair cost.
    Alcohol consumption is prohibited onboard our vehicles.
    Any amendments to a booking must be requested at least 72 hours in advance. The request must be confirmed in writing and
    acknowledged by SCH.
    Cancellation or termination of the hire requires a minimum notice of 14 days before the travel date.
    Deposit payments are non refundable. If you happen to cancel 14 days prior to your journey and have paid in full, we will
    issue you a refund of 50% of the total invoice payable. If you cancel within the 14 days leading to your journey, no payment
    shall be refunded.
    We may share driver details and vehicle details for your journey in advance. Under our Terms you are forbidden to contact
    the company direct to pursue any services. All bookings must be done via SCH.

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